Who’s Guiding Me



Phephe Rose

Phephe Rose

Creator & Illustrator

Phephe Rose was the first to imagine me. She was inspired by her own pet bunny, who was also named Mila. Phephe wanted to capture her favorite pet’s unique personality in a timeless way to inspire others… and that’s why I was created!

Phephe grew up with a curiosity and love for the visual and creative arts. She’s even got a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at USC! (I hear that’s a tough major) Phephe loves to develop her creative career and has a huge admiration for children’s books and illustrations. Phephe’s heart is filled with the passion to inspire creativity for the next generation of little humans through various creative outlets… like the stories about my adventures!

Favorite Things:

  • Playing with real bunnies
  • Sketching on Sunday mornings with coffee
  • Traveling with her sketchbook in her hand

Bucket List

  • To travel to every continent
  • Fly in a Hot Air Balloon
  • Zipline through the Amazon Rainforest

To learn more about Phephe, check out PhepheRose.com | @phepherose

Anne-Marie Campbell

Anne-Marie Campbell

Contributing Writer & Author

Anne-Marie instantly fell for my lovable personality and curious nature. She loves animals, travel, and writing, and she helps me write about my animal friends and my adventures in this big, awesome world. After pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees at UC Irvine (whoa, that’s a lot of studying!), Anne-Marie has taught THOUSANDS of students ages 7 to 77 in English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Anne-Marie has also written middle grade novels about kids having interesting (and sometimes crazy!) adventures in unusual places. She loves to motivate her readers to spread their wings like Ruby Robin and explore this amazing world!

Favorite Things:

  • Gazing at the moon and the stars
  • Exploring castles and Victorian homes
  • Playing with her Keedshond dogs, gardening and baking


  • Kayak on a peaceful mountain lake
  • Parasail over the ocean
  • Explore the Fairy Pools in Scotland


“Be like the bird who feels the branch give way underneath her–she still sings, knowing she has wings.”  — Victor Hugo

“Oh, the places you’ll go!” — Dr. Seuss



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