Adventures of Mila™ is a series of illustrations and stories capturing the adventures of the lovable character, Mila Bunny. Adventures of Mila inspires and teaches children about the adventures of curiosity, exploration and new cultures as Mila travels across the world in a once in a bunnytime experience.

Discover and learn from the Adventures of Mila’s illustrations, stories & activities.

Mila Bunny

Mila Bunny

Future Adventurer

That’s me! I live near the forest in a big, comfy tree with my mom, dad and 10 brothers and sisters. I’ve lived here my whole life and love to read books about the many places around the world. But too much comfort makes me a little bored sometimes. My Grandbunny once told me that strong winds can bring big changes… and it sure is getting gusty out…

My Favorite Things…

  • Kale with strawberry ice cream
  • Bows & flowers for my ears
  • Helping my friends solve problems
  • Saying: Let’s get hopping!


  • Travel the World
  • Make as many new friends as possible
  • Find the biggest butterfly ever!

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